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Health Classes

Dietary & Nutritional Deficiencies

Dietary and nutritional deficiencies are responsible for and contribute to a great number of diseases and illnesses prevalent in today’s society. The top killers – heart disease, cancer and diabetes – have all been shown to have significant dietary and nutritional components.


The goal of ergonomics is to minimize fatigue, discomfort, injury and emotional stress. Important topics include having the right chair, setting up a workstation, telephone techniques and lifting methods.

Therapeutic Exercises & Stretches

Therapeutic exercises and stretches are an important part of many treatment plans as they increase muscle strength and coordination, and enhance flexibility and mobility.

Our goal here is to provide you with the tools to correctly and safely complete the exercises and stretches you have been instructed to perform at home.

The Thames Clinic works in association with Holmes Place Health Club which is a one minute walk away. Knowing the gym staff and the classes available we can help you find the exercise that suits you best.

To learn more about our Health Classes, call The Thames Clinic 01784 456 711 today!

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