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Conscious Parenting

Some Great Resources for Parents

Amazingly enough, one of the works that dramatically changed the relationship we have with our now 2 years old son had nothing to do with parenting. It’s Abraham-Hicks’ teachings which is much more but once you are at peace with the fact that your happiness and inner balance can not depend on external circumstances or other people (your baby/ child being one of them!), chances of you getting upset because your baby cries are rather thin. “Ask and It Is Given” is a good place to start.
Another great reading is Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents.

Abraham Hicks has a Parenting compilation which you can get here: Abraham Hicks Parenting Compilation

… And Some Great Books For Babies And Children

We were thrilled to stumble upon “Rainbow Rob” which was one of the first books for our little one. Join this cute penguin in his little adventure at the end of which he concludes “Being Yourself Is The Way To Be!”. How much more empowering can a message to your baby be?

For a toddler age, we found the following books absolutely great.

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